BLAKE'S 7. . ........ ..
Stories by Jean Graham
A post Gauda Prime novel. Avon struggles to regain his sanity, his missing crew, and the super-computer Orac, while contending with both Servalan and a ghost named Blake.
Chapter 1 -- No Safe Harbor Chapter 2 -- Mirage Chapter 3 -- Exiles
Chapter 4--The Resurrectionist * Chapter 5--Spectres * Chapter 6--The Only Reality * Chapter 7--Havens


A Little Lower Than the Angels -- Tarrant goes undercover to sabotage a weapons plant.
Allegiance -- Avon has no qualms about changing sides.  Will Vila follow him?
Art of Persuasion --'Missing' "Star One" scene in which Blake persuades Avon to fight the aliens.
B7 Poetry -- B7 poems by Anne Stullken.
Bitter Wine -- Cally reflects on Avon's capture in "Rumours of Death."
A Coin for Charon's Hand -- Cally and Avon are captured by ruthless Federation interrogators.
Coup de Grace -- Sometimes the only victory left is to take your enemy with you.
The Fool Who Follows -- Avon is accidentally left behind during a sabotage mission.
Fugitive -- A young stranger may expose Kel Shevran's past as Kerr Avon.
Hecate Waits -- Avon is seriously wounded while on a mission with Jenna.
In the Country of the Blind -- Vila's not cut out to be a revolutionary, but no one's listening.
Keeper of the Trust -- Blake seeks professional help for Avon's mental instabilities.
A Lamb to Guide the Lion -- Hiding an Alpha among Deltas is not an easy task for Avon & Gan.
Life Sentence -- Avon, expecting a death penalty, is sentenced to life on Cygnus Alpha.
Mourning -- Avon and Vila must each deal with Cally's death in his own way.
Next on My List -- Jenna tries to warn Blake that Avon is dangerous.  Will he listen?
Nowhere Else to Go -- After Malodaar, Vila leaves Scorpio to search for Kerril.
An Oath of Fealty -- Blake commits the perilous error of questioning Avon's loyalty.
Payment in Kind -- Tarrant, marooned by an angry Avon, meets up with an old friend.
Phantoms -- Blake tries to help a rescued child diagnosed with a deadly virus.
Rencontre -- A sequel to "Keeper of the Trust" -- Blake attempts to explain himself to Avon.
Of Renegades and Kings -- Blake's newest revolutionary recruits accuse Avon of betrayal.
Reprisal -- After Malodaar, Tarrant & Vila try to maroon Avon on a desolate planet.
Retribution -- Cally questions Vila's motivations in helping Avon to kill Shrinker.
Sacrifice and Betrayal -- An 'alternate-universe' "Rumours of Death."
Selket -- Bounty hunters capture and endeavor to sell Avon to Servalan.
Shadow of the Trojan Horse -- Vila helps Avon break into Federation Central Banking.
Sojourn -- Tarrant is hunted by some old Academy classmates who want the reward.
Sorcerer-- Prisoners on Cygnus Alpha fear an escapee -- named Avon.
A Step Between --Your leader's mad. What to do with him? Tarrant & Vila must choose.
The Ultimate Slash Story -- Everyone's drooling over Avon -- to his horror!
Where's the Ship?? -- Blake & Co. meet "The Deadly Years."  Oh, dear...

And a little non-fiction:

The Blake's Seven Costume Index -- Who wore what when, revised & improved by Judith & Richard Proctor.
Trivial Pursuit-Ship! -- Hundreds and hundreds of Blake's 7 trivia questions with which to wile away the hours...
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