Based on the television series "Hawaii Five - 0"
By Jean Graham


FADE IN ON: Establishing Shot: LS a palatial mansion/estate on
the Oahu shoreline. CUT TO: Int. Genoa's "office," an opulently
decorated room with a marble-topped desk big enough to land a 747
on. The wall behind this is glass, affording a panoramic view of
trees, beach, ocean, sky, etc. VINCENT GENOA sits at the desk,
perusing something in a file folder, one of many littering his
desk. Genoa is 60-ish and balding, but trim and meticulously
dressed, the picture of an extremely wealthy corporation exec. A
light on the telephone console at his elbow blinks twice, buzzing
in unison.

GENOA: (Presses a button on the phone) Yeah?
WOMAN'S VOICE: Mr. Genoa, Mr. Deck is here to see you.
GENOA: Well he'd better not be empty-handed. Send him in.

After a beat, the door opens, admitting T.K. DECK, 35, thin and
cadaverously unattractive. He carries a black, dossier-style
folder in one hand.

GENOA: (Indicating the dossier) I trust you have the name I want
in there.
DECK: (Dropping the folder on the desk) Yeah, I got it.
GENOA: Well then, why so glum? You found the name of the guy who
witnessed your hit. All we have to do is take care of him, and
we're clear. Easy.
DECK: Not so easy. Hawaii ain't L.A. Mr. Genoa. They got one
cop runs this island. A guy by the name of McGarrett.
GENOA: Yes, I know about him. I did my homework, Deck. I always
do, before I set up a new operation.
DECK: Swell. You know about him, and he sure as hell knows about
you. That isn' gonna make another hit easy at all. Matter of
fact, it's not even the worst of our problems. (He taps the black
folder) McGarrett's witness? He's a cop.
GENOA: (Frowns at that) I see. A problem to be handled with
somewhat more expertise than usual.
DECK: You could say that.
GENOA: This witness... You know where he is now?
DECK: Uh-huh. On the mainland. L.A.
GENOA: In protective custody?
DECK: (Shakes his head) He's booked on a 10 a.m. flight back to
Honolulu tomorrow.
GENOA: (Rises, looks out the windows at a cloud-darkened sky.)
Tomorrow... (He shuffles papers on the desk, uncovers a newspaper
with a headline reading: "Hurricane Nears Islands.") That's
DECK: You counting on help from a hurricane?
GENOA: Perhaps. Weather, Mr. Deck, delays aircraft, and delays
mean opportunities. I'm sure you and Mr. Heilman can arrange a
fortuitous "accident" of some sort. Or an artful disappearance,
DECK: I don't need Heilman. I work alone.
GENOA: (Steeples his fingers as he sits back down) Yes, I know.
That, as I recall, contributed to your negligence in permitting
that last little job I gave you to be witnessed in the first
place. (Sternly) Take Heilman with you. When the time comes, you
see to it he's the one who takes this cop out of circulation.
DECK: (Annoyed) This guy's my problem. Why not let me take care
of him?
GENOA: Because revenge is a luxury you can ill afford. To spell
it out for you in simple economic terms, I can't afford to risk
making you any "hotter" than you already are. Of one murder
charge my lawyers could clear you. Of two, and one of those a
DECK: (Impatiently) All right, all right. We'll take care of it.
(He starts to go.)
GENOA: Good. Oh, and by the way... (Deck turns back) Not that it
matters, but what's this unfortunate eavesdropper's name?
DECK: (Steps back to the desk and indulgently flips open the
black folder at Genoa's fingertips.) Williams. Dan Williams.

ZOOM IN on the folder as Deck taps a photograph clipped to the
papers. MUSIC UP and CUT TO: Wave /Opening Titles


Establishing Shot: L.A. International Airport (Stock)
CROSSFADE TO: CU a video screen with flight schedules. One line
is blinking. It reads: "Flight 206 Los Angeles - Honolulu Gate
29 Departure Delayed." PULL BACK to MS DAN WILLIAMS, who has been
studying the screen. He checks his watch, sighs, looks around
the busy terminal. Camera TRAVELS as he walks away from the
ticket counter and through the bustling crowd toward a coffee
shop. He isn't quite to the door when the terminal P.A. system
begins paging him.

VOICE: Dan Williams, please call the operator. Dan Williams,
please call the operator.

Dan turns, moving back through the throngs to a wall with a
"house" phone.

DAN: (Picks up the receiver) This is Williams.
OPERATOR'S VOICE: I have a long distance call from Honolulu from
a Mr. Steve McGarrett. Will you hold, please?
DAN: Yes, thank you, I'll wait. (He watches the airport crowd for
a few seconds, then we hear:)
McGARRETT'S VOICE: (Distorted) Danno? Hello, Danno, can you hear
DAN: I hear you, Steve. What's going on out there?
CUT TO: INT. McGarrett's Office: Tight on the window, through
which we can see slanting rain and trees lashed by high wind.
PULL BACK TO McGARRETT, standing with the phone.
McGARRETT: Plenty. If you've seen the weather reports, you know
we're hip-deep in hurricane warnings. All the incoming and
outgoing flights have been cancelled.
INTERCUT: DAN: Tell me about it. My flight just went on
permanent hold. If I didn't know better, I'd swear Vince Genoa
arranged your weather just to keep me in L.A.
MCGARRETT: You may be closer to the truth than you think, Danno.
That's why I called. Don't ask me how, but if our sources are
correct, Genoa knows that you're our witness. It's a safe bet
that he also knows you've been on the mainland gathering evidence
for the D.A. I'm beginning to be sorry I let you take this trip
at all.
DAN: Don't be. I've collected enough on Genoa to put his
syndicate and all 37 of his dummy corporations out of business
MCGARRETT: It won't mean a thing if we can't net Genoa in the
bargain, and for that we need you.
DAN: It's still a weak case, Steve. We can knock down Genoa's
empire, but my testimony against T.K. Deck may not be enough to
touch Genoa. And if we can't link Deck with his boss, we can't
even get an indictment.
MCGARRETT: Maybe. But Genoa doesn't know that, and I'm not about
to tell him. No. We'll get an indictment if I have to charge him
with smoking in elevators to do it. What I'm concerned about now
is you. Genoa has your name, maybe even your location. And he
won't waste any time trying to prevent your testifying at that
preliminary hearing Friday.
DAN: After what I've been turning up, I don't blame him. (He
glances up) Hold on, Steve.
CUT TO: Dan's POV: The ticket counter, where attendants are
posting a message on the flight board reading: "Flight 206 will
be re-routed to Molokai Airport. Boarding time--11:15."
BACK TO SHOT (INTERCUT) DAN: Steve, they're re-routing the plane
to Molokai. I can board in half an hour.
MCGARRETT: All right. I'm going to call Chief Frazier on Molokai
and have him assign two officers to meet you at the airport
there. They'll take you to the station -- call me from there and
we'll discuss getting you the rest of the way home.
DAN: Right.
MCGARRETT: And Danno... Be careful. Genoa may already have men
on that flight.
DAN: (FILTERED) I'll keep my eyes open.
ON MCGARRETT, hanging up the phone, looking out at the driving
rain. CHIN HO enters.
CHIN: Steve...
MCGARRETT: Yeah Chin, what've you got?
CHIN: Your rundown on Vince Genoa came in on the telex.
MCGARRETT: Anything?
CHIN: Nothing we can use. He's a smooth operator, this guy.
MCGARRETT: Nobody's that smooth. Find me a hook, Chin. I don't
care if it's an unpaid parking ticket or an expired dog license.
CHIN: (Smiles) I might be able to do better than that. Genoa
does have an ex-wife in Cleveland. Might be interesting to find
out if he keeps up his alimony payments.
MCGARRETT: All right. Check it out. (Chin exits.)
CUT TO: INT. L.A.X. security gate, passengers passing through
the X-ray scanner. ON DAN, checking his .38 with a security
chief, who is filling out papers. These he passes to Dan, who
signs them. The chief hands the weapon back to him and he puts
it away inside his coat. CUT TO: LAX EXT.: the plane with
several people boarding. DAN ENTERS SHOT, climbs the ramp,
exchanges amenities with the stewardess, disappears inside. A
moment later, DECK and HEILMAN (a shorter, heavier man no less
unattractive than Deck) enter shot and also ascend the ramp into
the plane. CUT TO: INT. PLANE. Dan takes a window seat, and
another stewardess offers him a magazine.
DAN: (Taking it) Thank you. (Glances back at the uncrowded plane)
Am I early, or is this the off-tourist season?
STEWARDESS: No and yes. Quite a few passengers opted to wait for
a later flight into Honolulu, after the storm warnings are down.
DAN: From what I hear, that could be quite a wait.
STEWARDESS: Anything else I can get you?
DAN: (Smiles) Not unless you accept dates from single male
passengers. (Then quickly, before she can answer.) Ah--don't tell
me. It's against the rules, right?
STEWARDESS: (With a bemused smile) Sorry.
DAN: (Shrugs) That's the story of my life...
WE TRAVEL with the stewardess forward, until she passes Deck and
Heilman. Deck watches her with an undisguised leer. Heilman, in
the window seat, is absorbed in a magazine.
DECK: Are we just taking a pleasure flight here, or have you got
something in mind?
HEILMAN (Without looking up) I got a piece in a locker on
Molokai. (He pulls a flask from an inside pocket and takes a long
drink. Deck looks on in disgust.)
DECK: You keep that up and you won't be able to find it--or
anything else.
HEILMAN: You do your job and I'll do mine. (He takes another
drink, pockets the flask.)

CUT TO: EXT. IOLANI PALACE, DAY. High wind and driving rain
lash at the building. INT. FIVE-0 OFFICE--OUTER ROOMS. Jenny is
at her desk. DUKE LUKELA enters, still wearing a wet rain coat
and hat. McGarrett comes from his office a moment later, placing
some papers on Jenny's desk.
MCGARRETT: Oh Duke... Any news in the weather reports?
DUKE: (Removes his hat) Looks like the main storm will bypass
Oahu after all. Molokai could get the worst of it, though, if
she keeps moving in that direction.
MCGARRETT: All right, Duke, thank you. Will you keep me
informed, please?
]DUKE: Sure thing, Steve. (He heads for his "cubicle" office.
McGarrett turns to Jenny.)
MCGARRETT: Jenny, see if you can reach Chuck Frazier with Molokai
CUT TO: EXT. MOLOKAI AIRPORT. There is a strong wind blowing,
but no rain as yet. CUT TO: Dan's plane on the ground with
passengers unloading. Two uniformed policemen wait at the foot
of the ramp. Deck and Heilman come out the door, spot the
officers and hesitate. Then they proceed past the policemen and
pause again in the shadow of the building, turning back to watch.
Dan exits the plane and is met by the officers. They shake
hands. One officer takes Dan's luggage claim ticket and exits
shot toward the terminal. The other indicates a squad car parked
on the airfield, and they walk toward it.
DECK: (Edgy) Now what?
HEILMAN: (Unruffled, walking into the terminal) Now we pick up my

Heilman takes another swallow from the flask and heads for the
bank of lockers nearby. Deck, frowning, moves to the car rental
counter and pulls out his wallet.

DAN: (On telephone) We're getting an increasing high wind, Steve,
but we can still get a helicopter in the air. How's the weather
on your end?
MCGARRETT: Calmer, Danno. A lot calmer. But that storm's
heading straight for Molokai. You could hit bad weather on the
way across.
DAN: Not likely if I leave now. We filed a flight plan and got
clearance for a north by northwest course. The storm isn't
scheduled to hit here for another 3 hours.
MCGARRETT: All right. All right, I'll go for it. I'll have Duke
meet you. (As he is talking, Chin enters and hands him a report.
McGarrett peruses it, smiles glumly.) And Danno -- I'm holding a
warrant for Vincent Genoa's arrest on a charge of eight years
back alimony.
DAN: The DA's gonna be happy to hear about that. (CHIEF FRAZIER
enters shot, signalling Dan.) I gotta go Steve. Chuck says the
copter's ready to go. (pause) Right. See you then. (He hangs up,
exits shot with Frazier.)
CUT TO: EXT. MOLOKAI POLICE HDQS and Launch Pad, a police
helicopter starting up its engines. We pull back into the
doorway of the hangar, where we see both Heilman, with his gun in
hand, and an unconscious policeman in a flight jacket at his
feet. Heilman takes a swig from his flask, watching as Dan and
Frazier approach the helicopter. CUT TO: TWO SHOT Dan and
Frazier. They shake hands. Frazier gives a mock salute and
returns to the building. Dan starts to climb into the cockpit
and freezes when he recognizes the man at the controls as Deck.
Dan has no time to react--Heilman is instantly behind him with
the gun pressed to his back. Deck grins, reaches into Dan's coat
and removes his .38, aiming it at him.
DECK: (Shouting over the blade noise) Get in, Williams. We got a
little unfinished business to take care of.
CU DAN before we CUT TO: Wave/ End of Act One

EXT. IOLANI PALACE. ZOOM in on window and cut to: INT.
McGarrett's office.
MCGARRETT: (On telephone) No, Governor, at the moment I haven't
got enough to put him away for more than a week, but believe me,
I'm working on it. As soon as we're able to establish an
irrefutable link between Genoa and T.K. Deck, Genoa will be doing
a life term stamping license plates. I guarantee it.
CUT TO: OUTER OFFICE. Jenny answers another line.
JENNY: Five-0. (pause) I'm sorry, Mr. McGarrett's on the phone
with the governor just now. (pause) Well (unsettled) just a
moment, please. (She buzzes Chin's office and we see him pick up
the phone.) Chin, there's an urgent call on line 2.
CUT BACK TO: McGarrett's Office.
MCGARRETT: Thank you sir. I'll be in touch. Good-bye.

The door bursts open and Chin rushes in just as McGarrett hangs
up the phone.
CHIN: (Urgently) Steve, Chuck Frazier called from Molokai. Their
police helicopter was hijacked half an hour ago. The pilot was
hit from behind, left in a hangar.
CHIN: He was aboard. They've got him.
ZOOM IN TO CU McGarrett's reaction, then CUT TO: EXT. LANAI
Coastline. A sign proclaiming it "Lanai County Beach." The wind
is blowing aggressively now and the sky is dark with clouds. The
stolen police helicopter roars overhead. CUT TO: INT. COCKPIT,
where Heilman still holds his gun on Dan. POV from cockpit:
trees and canyons rushing by underneath, then a wide expanse of
flatter land bisected by a thin ribbon of dirt road. Heilman
signals Deck with his free hand and motions for him to land. CUT
TO: INT. Five-0 Outer Office, Duke Chin and McGarrett standing
behind a transparent map of the islands.
DUKE: They could have taken that copter anywhere. Without radio
contact, there's no way to trace it.
MCGARRETT: Maybe not, but put yourself in Deck's place. You have
a witness you want to get rid of, fast, and a hurricane nipping
at your heels. My guess is he'd head for the nearest island. (He
taps the outline of Lanai on the map)
CHIN: Into the storm??
MCGARRETT: Why not? It's probably the last place we'd expect him
to go--or so he thinks. (pause) All right, let's start making
calls. Concentrate on Lanai, but I want everything covered.
APB's on both the copter and Deck from Puuwai to Hilo. And don't
forget to give them Danno's description. (He heads for the door)
I'll check in with you at half hour intervals.
CHIN: Where will you be?
MCGARRETT: Paying Vincent Genoa a social call. (He jerks the door
open, disappears through it.)

CUT TO: EXT. RURAL LANAI area. The helicopter sets down not far
from the dirt road and cuts its engines. The wind is blowing
harder--thunder rumbles close by. Heilman gets out, motioning
with his gun.
HEILMAN: (To Dan) Get out.

Without comment, Dan complies. Heilman motions again with the
gun, off to his left, and again, Dan moves as he directs. They
exit shot. Deck remains in the cockpit, watching them go. CUT
TO: EXT. GENOA'S GARDEN and pool. The afternoon sun is shining
again over Oahu, and Genoa, still wearing his spotless business
suit, is dining alone at the pool's edge. A servant is clearing
the dishes from his table when McGarrett, with Genoa's bodyguard
two steps behind him, marches through a gate and into the pool
area. Genoa smiles coolly and leans back in his chair.)
GENOA: Ah... Mr. McGarrett, I presume.
MCGARRETT: (Bluntly) I think you've presumed enough already.
Where's Dan Williams?
GENOA: And who might that be?
MCGARRETT: I'm not going to pretend you don't know, so why don't
we drop the charade? You've already orchestrated one murder in
these islands. If anything happens to Williams you're going to--
GENOA: (Interrupts) --Oh come now, Mr. McGarrett. I know my
legal rights. You can't simply barge into my home making veiled
MCGARRETT: (Slams a fist on the table, making the remaining
dishes jump) No games, Genoa! We've got enough on you to turn
this whole stinking hierarchy into a dungheap. You're finished--
a dead operation, here and now!
GENOA: (With an unflustered laugh) Are you threatening me,
MCGARRETT: If I don't find Williams, alive and in one piece, I'll
do a hell of a lot more than threaten. You can count on it.

He turns to go and comes face to face with the bodyguard, who
steps aside only when Genoa nods. McGarrett stalks out of the
yard. Genoa watches him go with an expression of contempt on his
face. CUT TO: EXT. GENOA'S ESTATE: STREET and McGarrett's car.
He comes from the gate out to the car, gets in, takes the radio
mike in hand.
MCGARRETT: McGarrett to central. Have we got any word on that
CHIN'S VOICE: (Filtered) Nothing yet, Steve. Storm's moving up
fast on Lanai. There are already phone lines down on the south
MCGARRETT: You put out the APB'S?
CHIN'S VOICE: Puuwai to Hilo, like you said. No one's seen
anything of the helicopter... or Danny.
MCGARRETT: All right Chin. Keep trying.

He signs off, starts the car and pulls away. CUT TO: EXT. RURAL
LANAI, the wind stronger, some rain falling now. Dan and Heilman
are walking past cane fields, the crop bent nearly flat by the
wind. They are approaching the lip of a broad irrigation ditch.
HEILMAN: (He has to shout over the wind) That's far enough.

They stop. Heilman pulls out his flask with his left hand, takes
a swallow. Thunder rumbles above them. He's standing behind Dan.
HEILMAN: (Putting the flask away) Turn around.
DAN: (He doesn't turn) What's the matter, Heilman? You have
qualms about shooting a man in the back?

His intentionally goading remark has the desired effect on the
intoxicated gunman. Heilman grabs him roughly, spins him, and
provides the opportunity for Dan to knock the gun out of his
hand. Heilman starts slugging and both men fall together. Dan
comes out on top and is about to succeed in toppling Heilman into
the ditch when a pair of feet enters shot, and the butt of a
pistol sweeps downward, striking Dan. He falls and keeps on
falling, over the edge and down the short embankment to land,
unconscious, at the bottom of the trench. FS Deck, who belongs
to the feet. He tries to help Heilman up off the ground, but is
brushed angrily away. Heilman retrieves his gun from the ground
nearby, carefully brushes it off and reholsters it. Thunder
rolls again.
DECK: (Furious) If you'd laid off the booze when I told you, you
wouldn've needed my help.
HEILMAN: (Sneers) I don't need you, Deck. Not then, not now.

Stepping around Deck, Heilman picks his way down the embankment
to where Dan has fallen. Stooping, he turns Dan over, opens his
coat and methodically begins removing the contents of his
pockets. Deck, squinting in the wind and rain, watches from the
rim as Heilman climbs back up. Neither speaks as Heilman pulls
his gun and slowly screws the silencer onto the barrel. He
glances wryly at Deck, then, holding the gun with both hands,
aims carefully into the ditch -- and pulls the trigger. Deck
breaks into an inane, satisfied chuckle that continues over our
CUT TO: Wave/ End of Act Two

FADE IN ON EXT. LANAI, NIGHT. The storm raging full-blown now,
we see slanting rain raked by two headlights, then a battered
pick-up truck making its way with difficulty over the muddy road.
A tarp covering the load of tools in back has blown loose and is
flapping. The truck stops, we cut to CU WINDOW and the driver,
SCOTT PAOLI, 17. He kills the engine, the headlights and the
windshield wipers as his father, LEONARD PAOLI extracts a large
flashlight from under the dash. Lightning flashes; the rain
comes down in sheets.
SCOTT: (Worried) We don't get out of here soon, we're gonna mire
in this mud.
PAOLI: (Switches on the flashlight and gets out) I'll have it
tied down wiki wiki.
ANGLE ON PAOLI, at the rear of the truck, struggling to capture
the flapping tie-ropes and re-secure them. We angle over his
shoulder as he does this. A double lightning flash illuminates
the area and we see--as he does--a split second image of the
irrigation ditch just beyond the truck, and the motionless figure
at its bottom. ON PAOLI, uncertainty clouding his face. He tugs
the last knot of the rope tight, grabs the flashlight and slogs
to the edge of the ditch, searching with the beam and squinting
into the rain. Scott comes from the truck to join him.
SCOTT: What is it? What's wrong?
PAOLI: I'm not sure. I thought I saw-- (At that moment, the
flashlight beam hits Dan, lying face up in the rain.)
SCOTT: Oh my God.
They both scramble down the embankment, sliding in the mud until
they reach Dan. Paoli immediately checks for a pulse.
PAOLI: (Shouting over the storm) Scott--get to the CB in the
truck! Call an ambulance!
SCOTT: You mean he's alive?
IPAOLI: Just get to the CB. Hurry!
SCOTT: It's no good! They'd never get an ambulance in here!
PAOLI: But we've got to! We've got to try!
SCOTT: Dad, look! (He points back up at the truck, fast becoming
mud-bound) If we don't get out of here now we're never going to!
PAOLI: (Starts to lift Dan) Then help me. We'll have to get him
into the truck!

Scott moves to help and we CUT TO: INT. Five -0 Office, Night.
Duke and Chin are in their offices, both on phones. Even Jenny
is still there, and also on the phone. McGarrett, the picture of
bottled frustration, watchdogs the teletype, pulls a sheet from
the machine and angrily wads it up. Duke comes out of his

DUKE: Steve -- HPD just found the copter here on Oahu, abandoned
off Kawaihua Pt.
DUKE: No sign of Deck, or Danny. But there are some prints --
footprints. Che's on his way out there. It'll he hard to turn
up much in the dark.
MCGARRETT: Well, Che can if anyone can. (Chin joins them.
McGarrett throws the wadded paper into a wastebasket. His face
is grim.) All right gentlemen, time to face reality. There isn't
much chance Danny is still alive, but we're going to proceed
under the assumption that he is until we have proof otherwise.
Agreed? (They nod.) OK... Chin, give Che a hand at Kawaihua. I
want everything gone over twice... three times if necessary, but
I want to know where that copter has been. Duke, start calling
hospitals, county morgues, any place a dead or injured man might
be taken. Give them Danny's description.
DUKE: Right.
MCGARRETT: And start again with Lanai. That's still the most
likely choice of a destination.
DUKE: That's gonna be rough, Steve. Half the island's under
power outage because of the storm. Not many phone lines open.
MCGARRETT: Then keep trying. If you find anything--either of
you--call me at the governor's office. All right, let's move.
(They do. McGarrett turns to Jenny.) Jenny, I'll be with the
governor for at least the next hour. (He starts out, then turns
back, suddenly aware that Jenny looks exhausted.) Things are
likely to be pretty slow here for a while. Why don't you go on
JENNY: (Tired but sincere) If it's all right, I'd rather stay...
at least until we hear about Danny.
MCGARRETT: (Softiy) Sure. It's all right. (He opens the door,
turns back again.) And Jenny... Thanks.

Jenny gives him a tight, sad smile. McGarrett exits. CU the
door closing, then CUT BACK TO Jenny: there are tears in her
eyes. CUT TO: EXT. LANAI COUNTY HOSPITAL (A sign in front
reading same) Night, the hurricane still raging. Paoli's truck
is parked at the Emergency Entrance. The hospital itself is
small, but there is a new wing under construction. CUT TO: INT.
HOSPITAL ROOM: Dan, still unconscious, in the bed. His left
temple is bandaged. Another patient is visible in the bed beyond
him. Beyond that is a sliding glass door, through which we can
see rain and occasional lightning flashes. Beside Dan
is DR. ELLEN LUND, 46, graying but attractive, carrying a
clipboard. A nurse enters.
LUND: (Checks the chart on the bed) I want an hourly report on
this one. When he regains consciousness, notify me.
NURSE: (Nodding) You find out who he is yet?
LUND: No. Our phone lines are all down. We can't even get a
weather report, let alone missing persons.

Thunder crashes and the hospital lights blink twice, then dim and
come back up. Dr. Lund hands the nurse her clipboard and goes out
the door. CUT TO: INT. Hospital corridor and nurse's station,
night. Dr. Lund approaches the desk, addresses a young male
nurse on duty there.
LUND: Did we hear from Fischer yet on that auxiliary generator?
MALE NURSE: Yes we did. He says it's still not on line, but he's
working overtime on it.
LUND (As the lights blink again) "Working" on it isn't going to
keep two dialysis units and a heart-lung machine functioning if
the power goes off. (She pulls a report from the nurse's station
file.) Will you keep me informed of his progress, please?
MALE NURSE: Yes doctor.
WE TRAVEL with Lund down the corridor to her office and INSIDE.
JEFF CLIFFORD rises from a chair as she enters.
CLIFFORD: Hello, Ellen.
LUND: (Tiredly) Well, what's the Lanai Register doing sending
Jeff Clifford, star reporter, out in the middle of a hurricane?
CLIFFORD: (They both sit down) Believe it or not, I was visiting
a friend. I was on my way out when they brought in your John
Doe. You find out anything about him yet?
LUND: Only that he has a mild parietal concussion and a lateral
left temporal crease.
CLIFFORD: (Frowns) You mean he was shot?
LUND: Yes. And robbed and dumped in Leonard Paoli's irrigation
canal. He's listed in satisfactory condition, but he isn't
conscious yet. I'd love to give you front page news, Jeff, but
there's nothing else to tell. Not until we get our phone service
back, anyhow. Or until he can tell us something.
CLIFFORD: Is Paoli still in the hospital?
LUND: In the waiting room with Scott. They may have to wait out
the storm in there.
CLIFFORD: Me too. You uh, you mind if I talk to them?
LUND:(Wearily) Be my guest. (Thunder sounds, the lights blink
again, and she rises, pulls back the office curtains and looks out
at the streaming rain.) Do you remember what you told me last year,
when I asked for this transfer from Des Moines? You said "Ellen,
you're gonna love it here. Hawaii is a garden. And Lanai... Lanai
is a paradise. There aren't even winters in Lanai."
CLIFFORD: I said that? (He gets up, looks out at the storm too.) I
missed my calling, Ellen. I should be writing travel brochures.

She shoots him a black look. Clifford shrugs, exits, passing an
XRAY TECH on the way. The tech hands Lund an x-ray.
TECH: These are your x-rays on the John Doe in 112.
LUND: (Takes them, clips them to her light panel, switches it on)
OK. What've we got?
TECH: No hematoma from the parietal injury. But the path of the
bullet wound is across the zygomatic to the left temporal... here.
LUND: Optic nerve damage?
TECH: It's possible. We won't know for sure until he's conscious.
Night. McGarrett sits across from him.
GOVERNOR: Don't misunderstand me, Steve. I'm as concerned about
Dan as you are. But we can't afford to lose sight of the People's
case against Vincent Genoa. That indictment is still pending.
MCGARRETT: Governor, without Dan Williams I can't indict Genoa for
anything more serious than eight years of unpaid alimony. Danny's
testimony is crucial to establishing a link between Genoa and his
top gun.
GOVERNOR: Then we've got to find another way to make that link,
Steve. With or without Dan, we've got to get Vince Genoa and his
syndicate out of these islands. (The phone buzzes and he picks it
up) Yes? Yes, just a moment. (He holds it out to McGarrett.) Chin
Ho, for you.
MCGARRETT: (Standing, taking it) Yeah, Chin.
INTERCUT EXT. Helicopter site, night. Chin and car radio.)
CHIN: Steve, Che Fong lifted three sets of prints from the cockpit.

Danny's, TK Deck's, and a goon named Burt Heilman. But there are
only two sets of tracks here. Neither of them Danny's. Wherever
they put down after leaving Molokai, that's where Danny's got to
MCGARRETT: OK, thank you Chin. Keep on it, and keep me informed.
CHIN: Right Steve. (He replaces the radio mike and walks back
toward the copter, where Che and several assistants are combing the
area under portable flood lights.)
CUT TO: INT. DAN'S HOSPITAL ROOM, Tight on the wall clock, now
reading 5:20 a.m. PULL BACK to FS the room: dawn light outside the
glass doors and evidence that the storm has blown itself out. Pull
focus through to Dan in f.g.; he stirs slightly, then opens his
eyes. DAN'S POV: The room, badly out of focus. A blurry white
figure moves into shot, comes nearer. It says something, but the
SOUND DISTORTION is so severe the words are unintelligible. CUT
TO: INT. LUND'S office -- she answers her phone.
LUND: Yes?
NURSE'S VOICE: (Filtered) Doctor, you said to let you know when 112
regained consciousness.
LUND: Yes, thank you. I'll be right there.
CUT TO: INT. Dan's room. Lund enters, addresses the nurse,
LUND: Has he said anything?
NURSE: Only a name. It sounded like "Steve."
DAN'S POV AGAIN: Two blurred figures bending over him, more garbled
sounds. BACK TO SHOT: Lund takes Dan's wrist for a pulse reading,
then pulls a miniature flashlight from her smock and examines his
NURSE: Do you think that's his name? Steve?
LUND: More likely some one he knows. A friend or a relative. (She
snaps off the flashlight and Dan appears to have lapsed back into
unconsciousness.) We'll have to give the sedative a while longer to
wear off.
The hospital PA system pages Dr. Lund. CUT TO corridor as she
enters it from room 112, moves to the nurse's station.
LUND: What's the page for, Bill?
MALE NURSE: Oh, Dr. Lund. It was a message from Fischer. He said
to tell you the generator's fixed.
LUND: (Looks out the window at the calm breeze blowing the trees in
the morning light) That's a little like telling me the Japanese are
attacking Pearl Harbor. Have we got phone service yet?
MALE NURSE: In house. No outside lines yet.
LUND: All right. I want to know the minute it's restored.

He nods. We CUT TO: EXT. GENOA's poolside table. He is finishing
breakfast when his bodyguard approaches, carrying a newspaper.
BODYGUARD: Courier from Lanai just brought in the numbers receipts.

This was with 'em.
Genoa takes the paper, unfolds it, reads for a moment.
GENOA: (Angry) Find Deck... and Heilman. I want them both here --
The bodyguard trots off. Genoa slaps the paper to the table and we
PULL IN until we can read the banner- "Lanai Register'; and a
prominent article on the front page bearing the headline
"Unidentified Shooting Victim Found in Cane Field" PULL IN tight on
this and CUT TO: Wave/ End Act Three.

FADE IN ON: INT. Five -0 Office, Day. McGarrett re-enters. Duke
and Chin are both still making calls. Duke hangs up, comes out to
meet McGarrett.
MCGARRETT: Anything?
DUKE: (Shakes his head) We still can't reach Lanai. But between us
we must have called every other hospital in the state of Hawaii.
MCGARRETT: (Grimly) Maybe we're kidding ourselves. Plenty of
Genoa's victims -- and Deck's -- have disappeared and never been
heard from again.
JENNY:(Answers the phone) Five-0... Yes, hold on. Steve --it's Che
for you.
MCGARRETT: (Takes it from her) Yeah, Che, what've you got?
CHE: Less than I'd like, but more than I'd hoped for. We got mud
and debris from the runners of the copter, Steve. The soil
analysis was inconclusive; could've come from anywhere in the
islands. Same for traces of grass, weeds, and cane chaff. There
was one element that may help us: a lichen that's only known to
grow on Lanai. I can't pin it any closer. Sorry Steve. I wish it
were more.
MCGARRETT: It's enough, Che. Thank you. (He hangs up) Duke, I want
an HPD Helicopter ready to leave for Lanai in half an hour.
CUT TO: INT. GENOA'S Office, day. The bodyguard brings Deck in,
GENOA: Where's Heilman?
DECK: Who knows? Probably somewhere sleeping it off.
GENOA: (Furiously tosses the newspaper at him) Is that how this
happened? Is that how the two of you managed to bungle a simple
DECK: (Glances at the paper, throws it aside) I told you to let me
take care of it.
GENOA: All right. Take care of it. But this time, get it right!
DECK: Now? If the cops have seen that paper, they'll be crawling
all over the place! (At Genoa's icy stare) OK, OK. I'll take care
of it. (He turns, exits.)
GENOA: (To bodyguard) And you-- you find Heilman, and take care of
The bodyguard nods, also exits. CUT TO: Five -0 Office, Duke re-
entering. McGarrett is standing near Jenny's desk.
DUKE: HPD can take off in half an hour, Steve.
MCGARRETT: Good. We'll be ready. I want enough - -

He is interrupted by Heilman's sudden entrance.
HEILMAN: (Panicked) McGarrett--you've gotta stop them! They'll kill
me. Genoa's tryin' to kill me!
DUKE has pulled his gun and immediately grabs Heilman, pushing him
against the nearest wall to search him. He removes the pocket
flask, handing it to McGarrett.
DUKE: (By way of explanation) It's Heilman, Steve. Genoa's hit
MCGARRETT: (Grabs Heilman himself, spinning him) Where's Dan
HEILMAN: (Shaking) I dunno. (McGarrett shakes him, slamming him
hard against the wall. He yelps) On Lanai! We left him on Lanai!
MCGARRETT: (A roar) Where???
HEILMAN: In a ditch.
HEILMAN: (McGarrett is nearly choking him) No! I dunno! We must've
fouled the hit. Genoa wouldn' be after me if we hadn't!

MCGARRETT: (Drops him) All right. You're going to Lanai with us.
You're'going to show me where you left Williams, and--
HEILMAN: No! I want protection, McGarrett! If I leave here, Genoa's
ape is gonna kill me!
MCGARRETT: (Snaps) And if you don't tell me what I want to know,
I'm gonna let him! Now if you want us to go on protecting your
worthless neck, I'm gonna want more, Heilman. I want names, dates,
places. I want state's evidence against Vincent Genoa, down the
line. Everything you know.
HEILMAN: (Trembling) I can't--
MCGARRETT: Everything! Or I put you back out on the street, right
HEILMAN: (After a tortured moment) All right... all right.
MCGARRETT: Let's go. (He marches out and Duke follows with Heilman
in tow.)
CUT TO: LANAI CANE FIELD and irrigation ditch, day. McGarrett,
Duke and Heilman, along with several Lanai Police officers, stand
at the edge of the ditch.
HEILMAN: (Points) We left him down there, somewhere, I think.
MCGARRETT:(A growl) You think?
HEILMAN: (Miserably) I'm not sure. I was... I was...
MCGARRETT: You were what? Drunk? Is that how you managed to miss an
unmoving human target twenty feet away? (To the police officers)
All right gentlemen, fan out. If the rain didn't wash all traces
away, we may be able to--
He stops, interrupted by the sound of another approaching
helicopter. He watches it touch down. Chin gets out, running
toward him.
CHIN: (Shouting) Steve! Steve! (He waves a copy of the Lanai
Register in the air, hands it to McGarrett when he reaches him.) I
spotted this on the street ten minutes ago. It's got to be Danny!
(He points to the "Unidentified" article.)
MCGARRETT: (Moving already) Let's go. (They head for the copter,
but McGarrett calls back to Duke:) Take Mr. Heilman back to
Honolulu. And ask the DA for a new warrant on Genoa -- for
kidnapping and attempted homicide! (Duke nods. McGarrett follows
Chin to the helicopter.)
CUT TO: INT. LANAI HOSPITAL: Main Nurses' station--day. Deck
enters shot, smiles at the brunette nurse on duty.
DECK: (Innocently) Excuse me. My name is Williams, uh... George
Williams. I uh... I have a missing cousin who fits the description
in the paper. You know, of the unidentified man in your hospital?
The nurse obligingly begins checking files. CUT TO: INT. DAN's
Room. He has opened his eyes again, but is obviously still having
trouble focusing on the room. Shot from DAN'S POV (Out of Focus):
The door of the room, slightly ajar, light coming in.
DECK'S VOICE (Coming clearly from the hall) He's been missing for
two days. You don't know how worried the family's been.
NURSE: Yes, well if you'll just wait here, Mr. Williams, I have to
check first with Dr. Lund. This is her case.
DECK: (Objecting) But you don't understand. If I could just see
NURSE: In a moment.
DECK: (Losing patience) What room is he in?
NURSE: (Short) You just wait here.
CUT TO: INT. DAN's Room: He's out of the bed and moving unsteadily
to the wall, where he begins pulling open closet doors. INT.
NURSE'S STATION: Deck waits, fidgeting uncontrollably. The nurse's
station is temporarily un"manned", and suddenly realizing this, he
goes around the barrier and begins searching records, rummaging
until he finds what he --a file with the typed heading
"Unidentified" "Room 112"
TIGHT SHOT of the Number 112 on the sign over Dan's room. PULL
BACK as Deck, his gun drawn, pushes open the door and goes in, gun
first. INT. ROOM: Deck sees the unoccupied bed first, moves to
the other one, sees it isn't Dan and turns back. He spies the open
closet doors, notes that several articles of clothing are pulled
off the hangers and dropped on the floor. Again he turns, and this
time sees the sliding glass doors --one of which is standing open.
EXT. HOSPITAL PATIO: Dan, hastily dressed in the other patient's
oversized slacks and unbuttoned shirt, is making his way along the
wall. The sunlight is painful, and he has to shade his eyes, but
he reaches another glass door, pulls it open and disappears back
into the building just seconds before Deck runs into the patio.
INT. ANOTHER HOSPITAL CORRIDOR: Dan is having trouble navigating
and is forced to stop for a moment, touching a hand to his bandaged
left temple. DAN'S POV: The corridor ahead, not only out of focus,
but reeling now, giddily, from side to side. BACK TO SHOT: Dan
pushes himself away from the wall, continues down the hall,
vanishes around a corner. WHIP PAN TO: REVERSE ANGLE: Deck enters,
comes toward camera. ANOTHER CORRIDOR: Dan, trying to run, hits a
door at the end of a hall and stumbles through it. It swings back
and shows us the warning sign that Dan couldn't see: "Danger:
Construction Area." We hear running footsteps, then see Deck
reaching the same door. He kicks it open and enters: INT.
UNFINISHED HOSPITAL WING --Dark, with only occasional patches of
filtered natural light. An uncompleted corridor, littered with
sawhorses, cables, moldings and construction materials. Deck
stops, listening. We pan away from him a short distance, down the
darkened hall to an alcove, where Dan stands in the shadows,
clutching a length of copper pine hastily pulled from the pile of
building materials on the floor. Deck's footsteps sound again,
crunching debris underfoot. DAN'S POV: A hazy shape moves into
view. BACK TO SHOT: Dan swings hard with the pipe, hitting Deck in
the midsection and knocking him off balance. Deck drops the gun,
howling in pain as he goes down. Dan stumbles away from him,
dropping the pipe and running. Deck moans, starts to rise,
clutches his stomach and begins groping for his gun. ON DAN: Still
moving. More sunlight is filtering into the corridor now. He
stops, breathing hard, squinting at the patches of light ahead.
DAN'S POV: The Corridor--a jumble of light and dark shapes,
"moving" with a sickening, seesaw tilt. BACK TO SHOT: Deck's
footsteps sound again and Dan starts to run. He trips on
something, falls, gets up and runs again. ON DECK, who has his gun
back. He rounds a corner, sights Dan disappearing around another
and fires wildly. On DAN: The shot misses, but he changes
directions to avoid it and dives through a door into: EXT
CONSTRUCTION SITE --DAY. Brilliant sunlight. More sawhorses,
bricks, ditches and equipment blown askew by the storm. Water
stands in much of this. DAN'S POV: A painfully blinding glare;
nothing else. Under this, we hear an equally painful high-pitched
tone, an emphasis to the discomfort of the bright light. BACK TO
SHOT: Dan stops, unable now to see anything at all but the glare.
We hear SIRENS screaming in the distance. (McGarrett's police radio
works, even if Lanai's telephones don't.) We also hear a helicopter
somewhere overhead. Another shot whistles past Dan and he moves
again, running blind. NEW ANGLE: LS LANAI Police cars screaming up
a road toward the hospital. Another Angie: McGarrett's copter
putting down beyond the construction zone, Chin and McGarrett
barrelling out just in time to hear the gunfire coming from the
unfinished wing. Both draw their guns, head toward the sounds at
a run. They separate, approaching the construction area from two
sides. On MCGARRETT: As another shot rings out. He ducks behind
an overturned cement mixer, looks up again in time to see Dan
coming toward him with Deck not very far behind. We see Chin
emerging behind Deck, but he isn't in time to avert what looks
inevitable: Deck has a dead bead on Dan, stops, takes aim, and is
about to pull the trigger.
MCGARRETT: (Shouting) Danno!! Get down!!
FLASH CUTS: On Chin, looking up, raising his gun. / Dan dropping to
the ground. Deck firing, missing./ McCarrett firing./ Chin
firing./ Deck, hit from both sides, dropping his gun and falling
over. The sirens in the b.g. peak and drop, tires squealing. Car
doors slam. The police officers enter shot, surrounding the fallen
Deck along with Chin, who bends down to examine him.
ON MCGARRETT AND DAN, who is on his knees, shielding his eyes.
MCGARRETT: (Takes hold of him) It's all right, Danno. It's all
over. (He looks up at Chin, who rises from Deck's body and shakes
his head.) He's dead, Danno. Danno?
But Dan, losing the struggle, collapses just as Dr. Lund and an
army of medical personnel arrive on the scene. Lund and the male
nurse move in, taking Dan out of McGarrett's arms, bristling
stethoscopes and plasma bottles. Nearby, attendants are already
preparing a stretcher.
MCGARRET: (To Lund) How is he?
LUND: (Ignores him for the moment, addressing the orderlies) Take
him back inside. I want 2 cc's of erythromiacin and an ocular
wash. Have Turner take a temp and pressure reading. And find out
if those phones are working yet! (They hustle away, taking Dan with
them, and she turns back to McGarrett.) With a few days rest I'd
say he'll be fine. (Abruptly) What took you so long to get here?
MCGARRETT: (A little taken aback) I had a little obstacle in a
certain winter storm-cum-hurricane.
LUND: That's hard to believe.
MCGARRETT: I beg your pardon?
LUND: (Another attendant hands her a report, which she signs,
talking as she does so) It's in all the travel folders. "There
aren't any winters in Lanai."

She hands the report back to the attendant, then walks away with
him. McGarrett looks at Chin. Chin looks at McGarrett. Chin
shrugs and McGarrett laughs as we: